About farm – history

HistorieFor posibility to farming and leaving in Sudoměřice u Bechyně we are grateful to our ancestors. Šonka families are in Bechyňsko nearly in every village. According to story has a worthiness on that Mr. Peter Vok from Rožmberk, who owned masterdom in Bechyně and had merit its expansion in.

HistorieIt is said, that he had invited Šonka family from Uhry to enhance farmyardy and hunting standing of poor Bechyňsko. The farmhouse we live in was at that time the biggest. The farmhouse built up our grandfather with his mother and his siblings.
Grandpa´s father (our great–grand father) was killed in the first world war on a battle-field in Italy. Our grandfather built up step by step near farm small farming (for about eight cows, two pairs of horses, sows with piglets, fedding up of bull-calfs and twelve hectars of fields).
When the farming was run in, forced collectivisation came in 1957 and farming became part of JZD (cooperative farm). We managed to re-establish farming in 1991, when on 1st May we started activity with opening saleable center of poultry.