About farm - present

The farm was built up close to the Šonka´s family original farmhouse. The farmhouse is nowadays partly rebuilt. In part we live and in other part is pension. Next year we count with construction of two luxurious apartements in the style of farmyardy. The farm next to the forest was established in 1992, when first two halls were built up on “green meadow“ for feeding brojlers. Capacity was fifty pieces. In 1995 the third hall was built out and consequently in 1995 the fourth hall was built out. General capacity is nowadays 110 pieces.

In 2000 we increased our activity cause we became also beefbreaders which tribe is called Abeerdeen Angus and nowadays from herd where were five mothers we have fifty mothers and breading bull. In the January-March born calves remain with their mothers on pasture. In 2001 was based riding club Farm near forest. At that time on the farm were only two horses that we used only for pleasure. Since 2005, we expanded the activities of horse boxing and later also training horses and riders.

There are twenty horses boxed at the farm today and riding club has base about thirty riders, mostly girls at the age of 6–15. The third year we organize riding camp. This year we established sandy riding-hall. Where is available training rectangle and jumping material. Since June will open pension with capacity twenty rooms. In next years we are planning to built up riding areal with a hall and new background for horses and riders. At the range of horses nutrition we are representatives of Schaumann company.