Drives with land rover

It is about drives with land rover Suzuki Samurai 1,3 cabrio.

Drives in Zálší

Drives are on original trace in Zálší, where are hold races. Zálší village is 15 kilometres far from Sudoměřice u Bechyně. On trace you can go through water or you can ride down steep hills etc., that is why car drives instructor and client is in position of co-driver. Dificulty of trace depends on weather.

Price is 2000 CZK per 45 minutes of drive (preferably four people, which can change).
Price includes addition of a car to Zálší. Price includes VAT.

Trace near farm

During the summer of 2009 will be open trace right near the farm. It will go about less exacting trace, where client will may drive a car after training. Requiremant is driving licence and age 18 years.

Price will be 250 CZK without VAT for 10 minutes driving.