Horse boxing

As to boxing, we prefer open horse boxing. There are 15 hectars grasslands available. For horses are winterings available, where they can whenever hide particulary before sun. There are also antifreezing watering place available for them. Since 2010 there will be a possibilty in our place to stable foals in pasture rearing.

Horses have possibilty of continuous food-supply – in summer pastures and straw, in winter hays. Price for boxing includes circa 2 litres of milted oats for a day.
In case of that client use for feeding something different (granules, treacle, etc.), he pays it by himself. In stable-room is possible to buy granules from Schaumann company.

Pricelist of horse boxing

Pasture horse stabling 2500 CZK per month
Pasture foals stabling (0 – 2 years) 1500 CZK per month
Pasture foals stabling (2 – 3 years) 2000 CZK per month

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